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Post subject: Wavefile after Recording with xponent, internal recording
PostPosted: 13 Mar 2012, 13:10

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i made a mix with torqs internal rec function and i have some questions.

i use the xponent, checked that the led in torq and the on the xpon. dont clip-

but its hard to prevent them to clip, while the led in torqs mixer acting kinda "unrelated"....the channel leds were max at yellow/orange light and the master volume too...

but when i open the wave file in audition its looks kind compressed, but after uploading it to my soundcloudsite it looks just fine....

so, which display is wrong or wot do i genrally wrong, while setting each volumes....

i added i px to show it...i hope u can see it



Asus Pro F5SL
Windows Vista, 32 bit
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3 Gig Ram

Torq 2.0.3
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