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Post subject: Phase grid don't stay with song (tempo anchors?)
PostPosted: 20 Feb 2012, 18:17

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I remember there used to be tempo anchors but I guess not any more. I don't normally worry about it as i try to mix by ear but i've been trying to do more loops and mixes with 4 deck mode. With many of my songs being out of sync with phase grid makes it really difficult to mix 4 decks.

~ Problem Summary...
Phase Grid not staying on beat. I'll line up the phase line to the down beat then play the track. A few measures down the beat is out of phase (doesn't line up).

~ How do you get it to happen? (Step by step numbered list please - really detailed, like we've never used Torq before!)
1) Load a track
2) Start playing using control vinyl
3) As song plays the tempo markers are off beat
4) I adjust tempo markers to the 1st down beat
5)As song plays grid lines fall out of phase

~ What is the result & what did you expect to happen instead? (Screenshots/audio recordings/videos can help here too)
I would expect the beat to stay aligned

~ Does this happen every time?
No depends on the song

~ What version of Torq are you using? Please post the full version number shown after pressing the question mark top right of the Torq window.

~ What operating system are you using and what version?
Windows 7 64bit

~ What are the specs of your computer? (eg: Make/model, CPU speed, amount of RAM)
HP Envy14 i7 , 2.2Ghz, 6Gig

~ What soundcard/MIDI/controller hardware are you using with Torq? If your problem is audio related, please state what buffer size you are using in Torq prefs.
Connectiv, Trigger Finger

Post subject: Re: Phase grid don't stay with song (tempo anchors?)
PostPosted: 21 Feb 2012, 10:08
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If the song doesn't stay lined up to the phase grid, it's because the song isn't at a consistent tempo. Tempo anchors still exist in 2.0. You can use the tempo anchors in Torq to fix this on problematic songs. You have to click the Edit Anchor Points button to enable this. See page 63 in the Torq 2 User Guide.


- Jared
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Post subject: Re: Phase grid don't stay with song (tempo anchors?)
PostPosted: 01 May 2012, 04:54

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Hi All,

Since I upgraded to OSX Lion and TORQ V2.0.2.14739 I had a similar problem to the one from Igeezee:

The bar are not aligned with the beats throughout the song. At the begging of the song they are ok but at the end of the songs they are completely off. As a consequence syncing is impossible. I also noticed that the BPM were odd with figures such as 127,9 of 129,8.

While writing this post and collecting data I found the cause and a work around. What is causing the problem in my case is the Analysis function. It messes up the TQD file. I found that if you just drag and drop the song in the player then the analysis is correct.

Hope this will help others :D

PS I also tried deleting all the setup files of TORQ to reset it and it did not help.

Post subject: Re: Phase grid don't stay with song (tempo anchors?)
PostPosted: 04 May 2012, 12:12
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I'm confused using the tempo anchors. I'm playing some funk songs which definitely don't keep an exact tempo. These are my steps:

1. play the song and only tap out the correct tempo.
2. the grid updates a bit, then I drag the thicker line to the first downbeat.
3. when I watch the waveform its in check in the beginning but then falls out of time within a few bars.

Then I started tapping out tempo anchors..literally one anchor per every time it hits. ( so a full wave form of anchors)

Then I see a line for every time it hits or downbeat but when you watch the BPM number its jumping all around... like 86.4 - 90.3 - 89.3 - 90.3 - 86.4 - 89.0 etc... Am I doing that right? I'm just trying to figure out how I should be mixing with this method. Should I ignore the BPM number once tempo anchors are set like that and just use my ears? Or, if it messed up? or should I just watch and keep the lines lined up along with my ears lol...


Torq 2.0
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