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Post subject: Help with M-Audio Xponent with TORQ!! Urgent! !!
PostPosted: 22 Jan 2012, 14:53

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Hi, just today bought M- audio Xponent and using with Torq on a MacBook OXS Version 10.6.8

I used the cd to download the Torq software and it recognises the xponent and when i move stuff on the mixer, it moves on the screen! I'm fairly new to this so please be nice ;)

It will not play any songs i load into either deck. I have read previous posts about deleting the keyboard settings in the hidden M-audio file and this DID enable the music to play, however, Torq then didnt recognise the Xponent at all until i restarted the laptop and here i am back to square one!!

Pleasee help! this is my First post so i apologise if i havent given enough information!

Cheers, Rich!

Post subject: Re: Help with M-Audio Xponent with TORQ!! Urgent! !!
PostPosted: 23 Jan 2012, 00:51
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Download the latest release of the Torq software and drivers for the Xponent. If you bought the Xponent from a dealer, if you register you should be able to get the latest release which is 2.0.3.

To use it with the software you already have, you'll need to double check the audio settings.

Can you post your version of Torq and which driver version you installed? It would help a lot since there are some rather large differences between 1.0.3) which came in the both with Xponent, 1.5, and the latest release 2.0.3.


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